Development of Presentation skills.

Presentation Skill

Presentation is fast & potential effective method of getting things done through other people.

Presentation are a way of communicating ideas & information to a group.

Presentation--   Key Points--    

Dynamic,Persuasive,clear,professional,eye contact, body language ,organize key point,Apply innovation multi-media tool,maintain audience’s interest and attention using interactive technique.

Presenter is an integral part of presentation.

The Presenter must have Good-

1)Personal Appearance.

2)Body language and Facial expression.

3)Voice modulation.

4)Listening Skill.

Voice Modulation-

A presenter’s voice is probably the most powerful tool in his profesion and if used well,it can go a long way in guaranteeing the success of the presentation.

A loud voice dose not ensure attention. In fact it is likely to hurt the sensibilities of the audience.

Good presenter speak in a soft but clear audible voice to draw their audience into the presentation.

They generally raise their voice if they want to impasise a point.

Speak in a clear & confident.

A well prepared speech given to the wrong audience can have the same effect as a poorly prepared speech given to the correct audience.

Avoid speaking too fast as your words may be lost on the audience,speak too slowly may bore the audience. It is good idea to vary the pace of your speech to hold the attention of the listener.

It would be a good idea to record your voice and listen to it to find out how you really sound to other.

A good listener is an active listener.

Use Visual aid during your presentation-

1)Organise the information

2)Transitional Statement

3)Key word

4)Picture and Graphics

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How start presentation-

1)Ask a challangeing que.

2)Make a promise of what the listener will achieve at the end of the presentation.

3)Refer to a comment made by the previous speaker.

4)Make a significant statement.

5)Offer a genuine tribute.

6)Tell a story or joke.

Objectives of presentation-

1)Providing Information

2)Teaching Skill

3)Reporting progress

4)Selling product,service or strategy.

5)Obtaining a decision.

6)Solving problem

*Audience analysis-

1) External Factor-                                                                                     2) Psychology Factor-

-Age                                                                                                                         -Comfort & Safety

-Gender                                                                                                                 -Control & Tradition

-Marital Status                                                                                                   -Friendship & Nurturance

-Race                                                                                                                      -Recognition & Success

-Geographical Location                                                                                 -Independence & Variety

-Group-Membership                                                                                        -Curiosity & Enjoyment



A good presentation is generally followed by a question-answer session.


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