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  • Village Social Transformation Mission Chief Minister’s Rural Development Fellowship – 2016
  • Eligibility Criteria

      The eligibility criteria for selection as a Fellow shall be the following:
  • Age between 20-30 years at the time of application
  • Graduate from a recognized university/institute with a three/four-year degree course. Those with a degree from universities outside India that are recognized by Association of Indian Universities can also apply. Only those candidates who have completed all requirements and have received degree are eligible to apply
  • Physical fitness, certified by Government Medical Hospital due to the arduous nature of work involved
  • Selection process

      There will be two stages in the selection process.
    In Stage 1, applicants will have to submit their resume and 3 essays along with a Google form. Those shortlisted will be invited to interview with a selection committee in Stage 2.


  • Scope of Work

    The Rural Development Fellows will be responsible for overall execution of the Mission’s objectives in their respective villages. The major roles they will play are
      • Agents of Behavioural Change in villages
      • Information bearers of various schemes and development works
      • Facilitators between the corporate, government and villages
      • Conducting the baseline survey
      Responsibilities will include:
  • Serving as a link between the district administration, NGOs and the Chief Minister’s Office
  • Working closely with the Gram Panchayat on village development plan and helping the district administration in local area planning
  • Conducting socio-economic analysis and scientifically ascertaining the needs of the people
  • Undertake action-research to discover more appropriate ways of program delivery by the district administration
  • Designing and implementing innovative projects
  • Providing feedback on rural development initiatives to the Working Groups and Governing Council
  • Training Program

    Comprehensive training will be provided to the Fellows to ensure that they can effectively carry out their tasks. The customized training program will enable each Fellow to build on their existing skill sets and transform themselves into high-caliber development practice professionals. Before the Fellows begin fieldwork, they will participate in an extensive orientation program run by TISS and IIT-CTARA that will enable them to lead grass root planning and intervention processes.

    Each Fellow will have a mentor who will guide them through the 12-months and support them in case of any challenges. Mentors will include academic practitioners, key government officials as well as corporate partners.


  • Compensation

      Rural Development Fellows will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 30,000/-
    Fellowship Program:
    • The Rural Development Fellowship is a key component of the Mission. Each village will have an assigned Fellow who will be responsible for overall execution of all activities under the Mission. He/she will be empowered by the Hon CM to ensure timely, and effective transformation of the village.
    • Given the importance of the role, a 12-month Fellowship program has been conceptualized. An extensive selection process will be conducted, followed by a detailed training program. Post that, Fellows will be posted in their respective villages.

    How to apply

    Stage 1

    Applicants are required to submit the following to be considered for an interview:

    1. Application form: Click here to fill
    2. Resume (please limit it to 1-2 pages)
    3. A word/pdf document answering the 3 questions listed below. Please answer all questions in one text document and highlight the question before each answer. Each answer should be limited to 250 words.
      1. Why are you interested in being a Rural Development Fellow?
      2. Fellows will be based in remote areas in order to integrate with the local community and maximize impact. What past experiences makes you believe that you will be able to adjust to such an environment?
      3. How do you intend to utilize your Fellowship experience in the future?

    Please email the resume and essay document to

    Fellowship application deadline : 25 December 2016.

    Stage 2

    Based on Stage 1 applications, candidates will be shortlisted for an interview with a diverse selection committee. Offers will be made after the interview stage.

    Interviews will be held between 2nd and 3rd week of January 2017.

    DRDO Recruitment March2016

    Bharat Electronics Limited Mechanical Engineers (last date 8Nov)

    Research Associate (PhD in Geophysics/ Maths / Physics)